This segment is self explanatory. I get fed on Food gossip, I share them all with you. Here’s some very and I mean VERY interesting food news for all you peeps.



1) Rubi’s Grill Kolkata To Host Kolkata’s First Ever Big Burger Challenge on Feb 7th

big burger
We have all cringed, abused, foul mouthed Adam Richman as he devoured one towering burger after another in Man vs Food, while we lay in hunger oblivion.
Well Rubi’s Grill Kolkata decided to be generous enough to it’s foodies and replicate the same Man vs Food fervor by hosting it’s first ever Big Burger challenge in the city. However the challenge isn’t quite simple as it seems. There are registrations, rules and qualifying rounds. For qualifier rounds you have to conquer regular chicken burgers and the in final round you face the challenger burger.

Qualifying Rounds:

  1. The qualifying rounds will be held at the Rubi’s Grill, Dover Lane.
  2. Each contestant will be given a time slot to compete and therefore have to report 15mins before time.
  3. For qualifying round each contestant will have 2(two) regular chicken Burgers to eat as quickly as they can within 10(ten) minutes.
  4. Regular chicken burger is – 4 inch bun, 1 chicken patty, cheese, lettuce, onion and tomato slice. The contestant may add ketchup at their discretion. A glass of water is also allowed.
  5. The contestant will be considered finished with his/her burger when a Judge confirms that the contestant has swallowed all Burgers.
  6. Contestants who FORCEFULLY adhere to swallowing will be disqualified. Eaters must retain the burgers for a period of three minutes after the contest.


    1.  The championship will be held on Sunday, February 7th, 2016 at the Rubis Grill, Dover Lane.
    2. The person who consumes the whole Rubis Challenger burger at the fastest time will be crowned “The Big Champion”.
    3. Challenger burger consists of – 8″ inch bun, 500 grams chicken patty, cheese, lettuce, onion and tomato slice. The contestant will be allowed to add ketchup at their discretion. A glass of soft drinks will also be provided.
    4. In the event of a tie, each contestant will be given one regular chicken burger. Whoever consumes it first without any food left in their mouth will be the winner.
    5. Eaters must retain the burgers for a period of three minutes after the contest.
    6. Prizes are as follows:
    • Winner will receive a championship trophy and a gift hamper along and their name will go on our Wall of Fame.
    • Runner up will receive a trophy and a gift hamper.
    • All the participants will receive a citation, certificate of Participation.

    For vegetarian entrants, the chicken patty is replaced by veg patty, for all burgers. All other rules remain the same.

    Registration form has to be submitted along with Rs. 300/- to The Rubis Grill, 7/2 B Dover Lane , Kolkata- 700029,
    For Queries call 9007179876.

    2) Delhi Introduces The Delicious Food Tour Bus On February 6th and 7th

    food tour
    We’ve heard of Food Walks, but a Food Tour Bus? You heard that right! Come February 6th and Delhi will welcome you aboard The Delicious Food Bus Tour. The bus takes you on a journey full of food and laughter to taste some of Delhi’s tastiest foods in less than 3 hours!  The route has been curated by 80 Delhi Super Foodies and dishes and stops have been meticulously picked which guarantees an experience like none other. All this comes at a steep price of INR 899 onwards but includes a dish at each stop, a reserved seat in a classy AC coach, a bottle of water, sanitiser, tissues, and guide fee. Food tourists are also advised to carry money in case they would like to satiate their hunger beyond the food pit stops.
    Reservations for the same can be made by logging on to this link :


3) Ahmedabad Introduces India’s First Underwater Restaurant- Real Poseidon, And It’s Vegetarian!


Social media was bombarded on February 1st, 2016 to witness the launch of India’s first underwater restaurant Real Poseidon in Ahmedabad. Located on the South Bopal Corner at SP Ring road, the dining establishment is……. hold your breath….. VEGETARIAN! Yes you read that right! I mean it’s Gujarat, what else did you expect?!

Image courtesy: The Indian Express

The cuisines catered to patrons are Chinese, North Indian, Thai and Mexican, at a whooping cost of approximately INR 2500 for two people. While the eye candy aspect of the place has been phenomenal, the soul food quotient has met with a fatal fall with guests complaining about the self service concept to mosquitoes flying around in the vicinity. Only time will tell how Poseidon fathoms.


4) Chipotle, The Renowned Mexican Dining To Temporarily Shut Shop Globally


Bad news for Chipotle fans!
The Mexican dining outlet has decided to shut all it’s outlets world over, including those in  India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore) siting a health concern owing to E.Coli outbreaks happening in various franchises around the country.The closures on February 8th will occur in order to find and eliminate the problem while preventing future outbreaks. E. Coli is basically a kind of food poisoning leading to urinary tract infection. It is said that patrons are lately suffering from severe E.Coli post any Chipotle consumption.
However, Chipotle supporters believe the company’s bad luck is actually the result of corporate sabotage since a very public campaign to go GMO-free (food free from any Genetic modification) began. It should be noted that Chipotle has not changed suppliers or food-handling protocols. Their tagline “Food With Integrity” and their move towards health concerns totally bowled me over. Let’s hope they come back with a bang soon!

That’s it for this edition. Keep watching this space for more news, views and food gossip! See you after a short break! 😉




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